Staff & Crew


M.C. Martin Creator of Guy Moments & Voice Of Mark Martin (M-Dub)

born in Houston, TX on January 26, 1985.  He was raised by both parents in the suburbs of Missouri City, TX.  After graduating from Willowridge High School in 2003, M.C. enlisted into the United States Air Force Reserves for eight years so his parents would not have to pay for his college education.  While enlisted, M.C. attended Houston Community College and obtained his Associates in Business Management and in Human Resource Development while working as a server at Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant and later as an installation technician for Brink’s Home Security.  M.C. then began to have an interest in music production and started producing songs for local artists in the hip-hop, R&B, and Neo-Soul genres.  M.C. felt the need to perfect his musical craft and decided to attend Media Tech Institute.  In 2009, M.C. became a certified audio engineer after graduating from Media Tech Institute and used the money he earned from recording, mixing and mastering albums for artist to pay for his B.A. in Business Management which he received from Letourneau University in 2013.  He still uses his audio engineering skills to record, mix and master artists, scenes for the Guy Moments show, and does live-mixing for his church at no charge on Sundays.  He is looking to make a home for the Guy Moments Show on a major network or digital platform soon.



Brandi Davis Voice of Jemisha Spencer

a young political in her native city of Houston, Texas. With a BA in Political Science from the Texas Southern University and her dedication to the community through volunteer work, outreach,  and project management,  ensues her on the path to becoming one of the leading lawyers and political figures of her generation. Since her passion of politics is inspired by her love of life, she is equivalently known as one who loves to have a good time and share laughter.  This coupled with her love of the Arts and Entertainment,  her life is easily mirrored through her character,  Jemisha Spencer, a woman who is surrounded by satire and sarcasm through love.




Eian Woodward Voice of Eugene Spencer (E-Spice)

born November 28, 1984 in Houston, TX. While growing up his mother recognized that he had an ear for music and enrolled in piano lessons at the age of 13. He continued playing piano all the way up until he graduated Willowridge High School in 2003; where he went on to study architecture at Southern University. He began music production in spring of 2005 inspired by his big brother Dustin Prestege (none relation). In 2006 he became member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Beta Sigma Chapter of Southern University and A&M College. Eian went on to become a graduate of the Southern University School of Architecture in 2010. He aspires to be an Architect to build not only a more safe, modern, and efficient building for our community; but a symbiotic relationship between our environment and intimate living and workable space for the world of tomorrow. He has a passion to impact, establish, and build a world on architectural principles that nurture the challenging ideals of “Green Designs;” with critical thinking and customer relation skills as a catalyst to work hand and hand with our community. After graduating from college Eian moved back home to Houston, TX where he reunited with his childhood friend M.C. Martin, and they began to do music production and sound engineering for various artist around the Houston area. While in Houston Eian partnered up with one of his Fraternity Brother Cornelius Anthony Jr. and developed a building company called Sustainable Green. Sustainable Green is a design – build firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate development in the Greater Houston Area. Their purpose is to design and build a new and innovative form of living throughout the Houston area.   Sustainable Green’s goal is to create a sustainable development atmosphere in the city of Houston. By doing this they will create a balancing fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future of the citizens of Houston, TX and surrounding areas. In 2012 on a random afternoon at restaurant bar called Red Robin, M.C. Martin came to Eian Woodward with a concept script called Guy Moments based off of everyday situations form a guy’s perspective. From that day forth they began to cultivate the idea, and eventually began doing radio episodes which came easy since both M.C. and Eian came from a Production and Sound Engineering background. After four months on the air they decided to step it up a notch and add visuals to the audio, and created the animated series known as Guy Moments. Currently Eian Woodward is self-employed through his joint company Sustainable Green designing “Green” homes in Houston; but he continues to use his production and audio engineering skills to record, make music, mix and master artist, and scenes for the Guy Moments show.



Durell Richard AKA “DJ Damn D-Rell” Voice of D-Mo

born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Texas Southern University with his bachelors in Finance. At TSU Durell found his calling for DJing in 2005. He was always a lover of music so he started a series of mixtapes called Keepin It Wet along with DJing small parties,  school events and clubs. In 2012 Durell joined Signature EvenTx with former school mates and fine tuned his wedding skills.  HE ALSO LOVES WOMEN JUST AS HIS CHARACTER D-MO WILL PORTRAY!!!


DMC-SUIT-e1412139647694-300x194David McElrath Vocie of Arnold Kunert (A.K. 47)

born and raised in Houston TX graduated from Westbury high school where he was a all district football player but found himself within the fashion industry with By Any Means Necessary brand and designing custom clothing for some notable figures within sports and music industries. Just as his character he has a smart mouth and always something funny and slick to say about everything everybody is doing and known for having the baddest thick chocolate chick.


GreGreg1-180x300g Sloan Social Media Expert

The all around bookworm and sports enthusiast Greg Sloan or “juicy” as he’s known by, was born somewhere between 1ad – 2014ad in galaxy far far away. He is the very definition of an outspoken individual and currently resides in Missouri City, Tx. He majored in English at the University of Texas in Arlington and is now social media expert (twitter) for Guy Moments. This asshole filled individual is who the creator turns to for asshole like punchlines in the show.  Quite possibly the most eccentric person of the entire cast and crew “The Juice” is the ever (by his words) “the cheese that keeps the macaroni full of flavor”.




mckinney Robert McKinley

social Media for Guy moments. Currently enrolled in college studying “Performing Arts.”