About Us

phonto-2M.C. Martin was inspired to write a movie in 2002 about a married man requesting to have a pass from his wife to live the life of a single man for one week. Unfortunately, M.C. never took the time to write the script and in 2011 the movie Hall Pass hit theatres.

After the being upset with only himself, he then started closely observing and analyzing the daily relationship issues that men encounter, either first-hand or through the eyes of his closest friends. M.C. courageously chose to write a movie about the experiences him and his friends went through called Guy Moments in 2012. He tried pitching the idea but sadly, no one would read his material. M.C. then contacted his close friend, Eian Woodward, to meet him at a nearby Red Robin to let Eian read the movie script he had written and asked for his help. Eian loved the material and was eager to help with the development for the movie.

M.C. decided to record an audio version of his script using his friends’ voices and posted different scenes on Facebook in order to get a buzz. An online radio station, by the name of Texas101Jams, contacted M.C. and asked to run the scenes on their broadcast. After four months of being on Internet radio, the Guy Moments team decided to create an animated series and launch Guy Moments on YouTube.

The Guy Moments team planned to use Kickstarter to raise funds for the show but was not successful. M.C. worked overtime to afford the production of 3 episodes on Youtube. Shortly after, WorldStarHipHop noticed the show and posted Guy Moments on their website. After Guy Moments went viral, M.C. realized the material for Guy Moments was ongoing and never ending. Furthermore, a movie would not justifiably capture a fraction of what men go through on a daily basis.

Since Guy Moments is not sponsored, every episode is still being produced by the Guy Moments team and fan donations. The Guy Moments team is looking to have a home on a major network soon.