4 Steps of Getting Over It   Blog: 2.0

4 Steps of Getting Over It Blog: 2.0

Whether its 10 months are 10 years one thing’s for certain getting over an ex can be one of the most mentally exhausting experiences that has plagued males and females alike forever. The next part in this process for my favorites because it shows everyone’s true mental state, here are some tips to help you get through trying times
Step 1. Are you done or are you playing with yourself

Decide whether you are truly done in your relationship. Some people make up to break up and that alone is a sign of lack of maturity in someone’s part. If your ex has had a whole baby and a whole other woman or family you should be done or near damn close to it. If you’re condoning this behavior, you my sad friend are an idiot. It won’t get better cause once a cheater always a cheater or much like vampires they won’t come in unless you invite them in …. because you’re an idiot.

Step 2. Sever all ties

Personally I believe this helps the process the most, get off of social media & stop talking to mutual friends and most importantly pictures, text, and all gifts should be placed into sealed boxes, out of sight out of mind. This process will not work if you are on social media or have mutual friends, no matter what, their friends are not your friends, there is a reason for the term bros before hoes.

Step 3. Get a fuckin hobby

So you severed all your ties but now there’s a big void in your life, the times that you and your significant other shared are still there, the only problem is no significant other. This is not the time to remember the good times, it’s time for you to get your hurt ass a hobby. I said it….. go to the gym, paint, play poker, develop a porn watching habit help, go to church there’s no wrong way to find a hobby …go to the strip club, learn to play guitar, just find a way to consistently occupy your time positively.

Step 5.

So you’re single, you have severed all ties to the enemy, now you have a new hobby, I guess you’re ready for the world. Wrong!!! Sitcho yo ugly ass down, the final test comes at your best time, post relationship. You’re out doing your thing knitting or whatever random fuckery you chose as a hobby then boom.. . . You get that “Hey stranger”, “wyd” or “we need to talk” text, when this occurs you have two choices sack up or back up. If you choose to back up, you won’t respond.  You’ll ignore the entire situation, thus you aren’t strong enough to confront your former companion. Ergo, you still have feelings and somewhere deep inside, you’re scared because the same shit that you got over is about to happen all over again.  You have failed the test!  On the other hand, to sack up is to pick that phone up, answer that text, open that door and say, “I’m good my life is better now I found me and things that make me happy”.  Your focus is on you this time and no one else if you can convey this message to your second party then my friend, you have passed the test.

If you’ve made it to this point in the blog then you have been receptive to what I’ve had to say or youre so drunk and or high to the point you can’t look away… either way I appreciate your attention after following these four steps you can once again reclaim your dignity, life, and sanity. Now get out there, do your best and let’s try not to fuck it up this time. Oh, and remember, Z-ro says “Man Fuck Y’all, I found me”.


March 3rd, 2015

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One Comment

  1. Cookie says:

    Kmfsl this is true. So blunt. I lobe it.

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