Valentines Day Logic Blog 1.0

Valentines Day Logic Blog 1.0

As cuffing season draws to a close, we fastly approach one the most dreaded Hallmark holidays of all, Valentines Day. A day which originated as a pagan Festival which Celebrated a she wolf who suckled the blood of babies. A festival in which had such tradition as women lining up and being beat by young men until they were chose as a lover for the rest of the celebration. Aside from that, today Valentines day is commonly known for women trying their best to outdo each other through the pageantry of a little thing called “love”. In my opinion and by my I mean most men, somewhere deep down inside we refer to this day as, “Let me buy enough shit to keep this female happy and hope I get some pussy day”. For those whose women are on the rag, same rules apply you just gets no pussy. In fact you can only get pussy on Valentines night because women want to be spoiled and what you do dictates just how wet the munky gets. Now I know what most of you are thinking, “Oh he just hurt” or “He just exaggerating” or “he aint shit”. For the ones who aren’t sending themselves a gift, you’re most likely thinking along the lines of “Uh uh my man doesn’t think like that way”. Bullshit, the only reason your man isn’t agreeing with me is because you have the power to cut it off and its Valentines Day and he’s trying to get some ass. A woman will never be satisfied with her gift because you can’t meet her expectations, its a fact. The reason for this is no more than a ploy for more shit, as a man we are always left in the dark regarding women, somehow we’re supposed to know every little thing that goes on in their heads. How in the name of the White Ranger’s talking Dagger, Saba, do you expect a man …. one of gods most simplest creatures…..  to know what to get you for Valentines Day? “I’ll wait”……. Now that I think about it, I think that “I don’t know” bullshit is a tactic used by women to get more stuff. Think about it, a man in a store full of shit that you think she might like but after all the thoughts subsides you consider the fact that you’re thinking about a person with 3 pair of the same shoes, so what do we do buy every damn thing. What’s sad about this whole ordeal is the idiocy that women actually flaunt shit on one day for the whole year, you don’t know self value to the point where instead of being adorned with gifts, love, chocolate, romantic getaways and all the other lovey dovey shit I can’t afford without the aid of income taxes, throughout the entire year but one funky ass day. You relegate your self worth by material and not by the things that you take for granted on a daily basis that actually shows true love, maybe its not the gifts you should appreciate maybe its yourself.

And for you smartasses out there going ” I bet you he gonna get his gal something for Valentines Day this year” you got damn right you know why… cuz I loves da pusay…..


February 12th, 2015



  1. vee says:

    loved it…very well said!

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  3. Michael smart says:

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